This software is totally Open Source.

Services source
  • All of the compnents which make this site are all either coded by me or incorporated into the site from Open Source projects.
  • CK Editor
    FancyBox (older version as new one is not free)
    image manipulator
    Bootstrap and JQuery
    Plus much more!

This site is created around cars, but you do not need to only use it for this purpose, it can be used to display many other types of products which are too large or expensive to sell via a normal kind of on line shopping cart solution, it can be use with a little bit of re wording to sell anything, cars, boats, planes, bikes, motorcycles, caravans, vans, pickup trucks, drones, outboard the list goes on.

The project was created because I wanted an easy and reliable method for people with little knowledge to be able to create a site and manage it via the admin function, you do not need to make any code changes, everything is done via your admin.

If you need to make wording changes you can do this by editing just one file, all of the store side is controlled via constants which makes altering your wording much easier.

Most of the front end is dynamic and gets it content from a database to present the user with their choices.


This site has SEO built in, each page has its own editable page in admin, within this you can set your own Keywords and Description, the main info page has a keyword generator built in so if you do not add anything for the SEO element when you add a product it will e created for you (I still suggest you do add your own though!), if you do not add an SEO descrition the site will use the product description

Google (or other) analytics code is added easily via you admin, dont go editing those files manually :)

Social Media

Social Media

Add your own links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus via admin its a breeze
Social Media Bookmarks are also present where an item can be shared by clients with the groups on multiple platforms.

Need a host for your site?

Now you have your shiny new web site, you may need a place to host it - why not try with me? My server is my own which means I look after it. Run by CloudLinux it is also always upto date.

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Need your site installed?

I have attempted to create a site which is easy to install, however it was unavoidable that you will need at least the basic understanding to install your site so if you feel you may struggle I offer an installation service.

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Want to make changes?

If you do not like or have a need to change your site, I offer this service, in addition, if you need extra modules added I am available and at your service please ask for a quote.

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