Help for Community Projects and Charities.



Charity or Community group

If you are a Community Group, a not for Profit organisation, or a Charity struggling to finding reliable help for Web Sites, this site could potentially be what you are looking for. I offer you all my services free of charge.


Experience Focused on you

I have a vast amount of experience with different languages, styles of coding and web design, all of this could be focused on your project. Helping you avoid the pitfalls, and those who just want your money.


Why am I offering this?

What better way to be able to give back than to apply my skills to assist others who have a need? Many great organisations do not have great Internet presence other than FaceBook, I would like to address that.


All sites constructed will be Media responsive, this means the page adjuts to fit differrent devices like Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or Desktop.


Creating a great Site is like planning a journey with all the stops laid out like a pathway. This prevents a difference in how a site looks to how you expected.


Sites can be linked to your social media pages which provides you a 360 degree view of your organisation, promote your events and get your message out.


Apply now!

I have made application as easy as possible, I do need to ensure a few things to be able to provide the services to a genuinely deserving cause. The form will request some basic details from you about your organisation, its aims, and requirements. There are some necessities I do not provide, Domain names and hosting. You would be responsible for paying a hosting company for this, I will assist you with this if required. Some examples of organisations I will accept would be, Charities, Community groups, Youth Teams, Clubs, Associations and such like. Please dont feel daunted though, I am just attempting to put off any bogus enquiries ! If you think this is what would benefit you then please mail me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

A modern response to providing assistance to those in need making the best of my skill base and knowldege of code and the internet.