FAQ of what, when, where, why, how, who ...

  • Who can apply?

    I will accept applications from Charities, Community Groups, Social groups, Clubs, most Not For Profit organisations.
    So if you are one of these and need help please get in touch with me.

  • What is the Process?

    You get in touch with me giving me all the details and we can take it from there.
    You will need to have an idea of what you are looking for, how you want the site to look, graphics and colours etc ...

  • What is it you actually provide?

    I will provide all the know how and experience along with my Software to create what you need

  • What about time scale?

    This depends a lot on you, I need certain information from you and normally it is this that we are waiting for. I can put a working site together in a matter of days. We when go through the changes and add features.

  • Do I use a Web Editor?

    I do to set out the basic looks of the site however I prefer to code them myself, it makes the project more personal and efficient.

  • Will you provide ongoing support?

    Yes. I will help you for as long as you need me to.

  • Which type of Hosting?

    For your site show on line you need to have a Hosting Account, this is where you rest an amount of space on a server connected to the Internet that you place you files for everyone to view them.
    You will also need a Domain name which is what views use to find your site. An example of a domain name is google.co.uk. There are many sellers of both types and I will advise you on both.

  • I have a grant, will you still work for me?

    Yes. I am able to carryout work for a grant if you have one.

  • TERMS of supply

    Everyone has conditions, I am no different!
    Providing work
    I will provide all the necessary skill and experience you need to get your organisation on line with a quality, FREE of cost, and FREE of any obligation website. You will not be indebted to me in any way whatsoever.
    What I am not responsible for
    I am not responsible for any costs associated with getting your site online, this can be costs incurred for Web Hosting, or Domain name purchase or other cost where money is payable to a third party.
    What I will not do
    I will not code any site which is deemed of low moral content, abusive to others, hate crimes, defamatory, sexual in any way, political, subversive, or not in the best interest of the general public.
    Amount of projects at one time
    I am limited by being only one person, so am unable to take on a large number of projects in one go, this may mean that your project joins a waiting list. This will be advised at the time.
    Updating existing WebSites.
    This depends on you and where you want to go with the update. If the site is a static site i.e. it does not resize to the viewers screen then it may be in your best interest to consider a new site.

Apply now!

I have made application as easy as possible, I do need to ensure a few things to be able to provide the services to a genuinely deserving cause. The form will request some basic details from you about your organisation, its aims, and requirements. There are some necessities I do not provide, Domain names and hosting. You would be responsible for paying a hosting company for this, I will assist you with this if required. Some examples of organisations I will accept would be, Charities, Community groups, Youth Teams, Clubs, Associations and such like. Please dont feel daunted though, I am just attempting to put off any bogus enquiries ! If you think this is what would benefit you then please mail me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.