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A fantastic website - 100% Open Source content.

No compnent of this site needs to be paid for, any 3rd party code used is Open Source either under GNU, or MIT licence.

What you will need to create your own site with this software...

A Linux Hosting account with at least 15 mb space
Usage of an mySQL database with all  privileges
An Email account
PHP version 5.5 or above

To begin your installation, please have the folowing items ready.
  • Your Hosting account set up
  • A live domain name
  • Your Database server name
  • FTP Access set up
  • 1 MySQL Database set up and a user assigned to it
  • That users Login username and Password
  • Database Name
  • Email Address, and Password
  • Mail Server name
  • Where on the server you want the site to reside

Download the files from above to you PC, these will be 'zipped' so you will need to decompress them, once that is complete open the Folder where you will see one named CP, in here are all the site files for your site.

Where to add your site ...

You have a choice of where to add you site for your users to view it, within your hosting account you will have a web folder name HTTDOC's or PUBLIC_HTML (See your host if this is different and you do not know it)

As an example, let’s say your website is called If you want to add your site so it shows up when a user enters that URL you will place your site in ROOT (Root is the HTTDOCS of PUBLIC_HTML folder), if you want it to show up in another location, say a folder named 'cars' you would create a folder named cars inside your ROOT and upload to the cars folder, your visitors will then type in

Now you know where you will add your site, you can go ahead and upload it.
If you are uploading to ROOT then you need to open the CP folder and upload the contents to your Root folder, if you are uploading to a folder remand the CP Folder to match the folder name on the server and then upload the Folder containing all the files.

To install your new site.

1) Upload the files to your server.
2) Open File includes/functions/db.php - Edit Lines 2,3,4, and 5 with your data and save the file.
3) Open file Admin/includes/functions/db.php - Edit lines 2,3,4,and 5 with your data and save the file.
4) In your browser call the installer script ( This will then install the databse for you.
5) Rename the Admin folder to something else (this is a security measure, any name so long as you remember it!)
If you have followed everything through your site will now be installed, well done :)

Now lets set up your site...

Login to your admin (Username = admin Password = password)
Now you are in you will need to make some changes.
Click Admin, set up a new username and password for yourself and delete the original one, you can add as many as you like, also if you do not want them to have access to the admin page you can set their accounts as such.
Click Settings, change this to match your records - Please note that when you enter your URL you add the forward slash to the end.
Click Analytics and Social, add your links for your social sites (FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Plus), and add tracking code from Google or whichever program you use.
Click Contact us, edit your settings here with your own email address, phone number, address, and your Google Maps embed code.

Need a host for your site?

Now you have your shiny new web site, you may need a place to host it - why not try with me? My server is my own which means I look after it. Run by CloudLinux it is also always upto date.

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Need your site installed?

I have attempted to create a site which is easy to install, however it was unavoidable that you will need at least the basic understanding to install your site so if you feel you may struggle I offer an installation service.

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Want to make changes?

If you do not like or have a need to change your site, I offer this service, in addition, if you need extra modules added I am available and at your service please ask for a quote.

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