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You are probably wondering why I am offering this, and where is the catch... nothing is free, right? Well, if you are a Charity, Community Project, Club or association then yes, this is a genuine, free service, available to you. So why am I offering this? The answer is to be found in the past when Computers had just begun, Homebrew clubs, started in Silicon Vally USA and soon spread around the Globe as Computers became more available. In those early days there was an air of sharing, of giving, of helping, Computers were very basic, but they worked, Software was developed and shared for free. QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) the predecessor of MS-DOS!! Was once free-ware for a time as it gave birth to Free DOS. As Computers began to Network by LAN with each other (LAN Parties). Then in 1989 TimBL (Sir Tim Berners-Lee) created the HTTP Protocols which allowed machines to communicate via the Internet. So was born modern computing, it has obviously grown at a vast rate, more than Moores Law suggested it would. This is a summary of highlights over the last decades to help you see that helping each other is what the whole set up was intended to be, and no small amount of showing off too!

This sharing of creative minds still goes on, the umbrella which all coders associate with would be The Open Source Initiative (WIKI link) and their own Website. Here is where I have been doing my work, don't think that all we do is free. The free part relates to the actual license of the software, you are free to alter, change, improve, share, and sell it onwards. I have been coding because it is what I love to do, I have almost always done it as a hobby. I did go into business once and did OK, however the fun was taken away, I was writing software for the money not the pleasure. Some people love Football, Rugby, other sports etc... I love to create with images and code. 

I would like a Project to work on. It keeps my mind active, and again, I enjoy it. If I can use my great experience and knowledge and turn it to something worthwhile, for a worthwhile cause with the only payment being able to help people using my skill set why shouldn't I? A great shame of the Internet is you never know if someone is genuine, I have no way to prove this to you except for my word as a Human being wanting to help others out.

All sites I would code for you will be Bootstrap or similar framework, this means it will be responsive, and fit to the screen it is viewed on, be it Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop, or PC, the layout will adjust to fit and give the best presentation to your viewer. Email forms will be made from SMTP protocol, this is more difficult to get right but is much better than sendmail() it will also greatly reduce / eliminate the amount of received emails which go to your Spam box. SMTP library I use is PHPMailer it has some great classes and I have always found it to be reliable.

What you need to do? Well, you do have some items you need to be in possession of. You need a Domain name, and Linux Hosting to be visible on the Internet, I can help you with these however the cost is yours. You also need to direct me on how you want the site to look, colour's, images etc ... often the most difficult part!
If all the above has not put you off, please send me an email and we can go from there.

Do I carry out Paid Work?

Yes, I do carry out commissions but this site is not here for that so if you feel you would like to hire me for a project get in touch!

A modern response to providing assistance to those in need making the best of my skill base and knowldege of code and the internet.