It does not matter what you call yourself, Auto Dealer, Auto trader, Car Dealer, Car Sales, Motor Garage, you will all have a similar quest. To find a cost effective, fully featured, easy to use Content Management solution. How about Free? Thats right, totally free software.
This software is not only for showing off your cars, you can also use this software to help sell Motorcycles, Bikes, Vans, HGV's, Caravans, Prams, Motor Parts, the list goes on!
Designed and built over 18 months using the latest stable releases of PHP (7.0.10) and MYSQL (5.7.14) featuring J Query, Bootstrap, FancyBox and a host of other 3rd party Open source projects easy to use totally edited via your admin section.

Some Features of OsCommercial Software.

  • SEO Keyword and description Generator
  • Unlimited images per item
  • Unlimited items, and manufacturers.
  • Car of the Week which features on the home page
  • Add Ribbons to images
  • Full and complete admin section, 
  • Easy add for Social media URL's
  • Easy add analytics code
  • CK Editor enabled page editing via Admin
  • CK Editor is enabled on all relevant Text area sections in Admin
  • Totally Responsive layout, both Admin and front end
  • BootStrap and J Query used throughout
  • Carousel on car details page + Fancybox
  • Google Maps easy add 
  • SMTP Email with Captcha feature less mail going to spam
  • SEO Keyword on input box for items- add your own
  • Fancybox image popups
  • Bootstrap Carousel on info page for product image
  • From same manufacturer box on info page
  • Add Text to Ribbons
  • Google recaptcha latest version is used on mail forms
  • Validation is employed on email forms
  • Use of SMTP intsead on mail - less going to spam
  • New products module shows on front (home page)
  • Set Open times via your admin
  • Installation is straight forward
  • Auto image resize on uploading
  • Auto Image folder creation and deletion for products
  • All site setting are via your Admin, no file edits are necessary
  • Its Free! software can be used for much more than just selling Cars, you can sell an endless list of items with a few minimal changes to the code. is a CMS (Content Management Solution) for presenting your products to viewers. Everything is controlled via your Admin section. is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to view. Built with PHP 7 so code will remain current and secure, my intention was to create a great looking web site which is not confusing for users who are not necessarily used to code, you want to run your business not learn new skills. right?
You can use the software as a website for selling Cars, Vans, Boats, Caravans, HGVs, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Jewellery, Kitchens, Services, Gas Fires, Flowers, Bricks, Computers, Furniture, Carpets, Catering Equipment, the list is endless!

Need a host for your site?

Now you have your shiny new web site, you may need a place to host it - why not try with me? My server is my own which means I look after it. Run by CloudLinux it is also always upto date.

Need your site installed?

I have attempted to create a site which is easy to install, however it was unavoidable that you will need at least the basic understanding to install your site so if you feel you may struggle I offer an installation service.

Want to make changes?

If you do not like or have a need to change your site, I offer this service, in addition, if you need extra modules added I am available and at your service please ask for a quote.